Importance of the cars with cooled seats

In this modern world, different manufacturers are implementing air conditioned seating in unique ways. However standard model for the air conditioned seats was developed by the scientists at Department of Energy’s (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). As everyone knows automobile air conditioning in car is having serious negative feedback because it is using energy which comes from car engine. Refrigerating interior of your car might cost you additional gasoline which might generate carbon emission and it might lead to the climate change and smog. The best alternative to save your money is that air conditioned seats. This kind of the seat can use energy effectively when compared to conditioner and it can cool entire interior of car. You must remember one thing; it might not completely reduce pollution and fuel use but it can minimize it rather than air conditioner.  Basically ac seats are offering necessary advantages over air conditioner. Seat air conditioning could be remotely activated so it can eliminate searing burn sitting on the sun warmed and superheated upholstery.

Everything to know about air conditioned seats

Basically ventilated front seats or seat ventilation is the amazing feature which is built into the seats and it can direct air via seat into occupant to provide maximized comfort especially on long journeys. It can function through certain small fans in backrest and seat cushion. This kind of the fan can draw air from inside cabin. When it comes to the ventilated seats benefits then it includes

  • It can minimize temperature of the seat when your vehicle is parked in sun
  • Minimize sweating and dry moisture between seat and your body
  • It could be used together with heated seat function in order to make seats warm during the winter season

The control or button for ventilated seat could be placed on center console. Air conditioned seat which is using refrigerated air either contain cooling element based on the principle or utilize air pumped from cooling element of the car air conditioning system.

To know about working function of air conditioned seats

In fact cooler seat can work by confining cooled air in seat where passenger is seater. There are lots of methods are involved in cooled leather seats such as

  • Seat is designed with the more porous material rather than traditional car seats and it is designed to allow flow through it.
  • Porous material of car seat by itself might allow body to breathe which is making it cooler and less sweaty.
  • Massive numbers of the fans put within the seat in order to offer air circulation.
  • Air from fan blows via diffusion layer for spreading cool air throughout cooling whole surface and seating material.
  • Cooling air from fan might serve for carrying heat from surface of your body away rather than trapping it like traditional car seats.

One of the main benefits of the ventilated seats cooled leather seats are that use energy for cooling passenger effectively when compared to the car air conditioning which can reduce emission and enhance car fuel efficiency. In a technology world cooled and heated seat is gaining more popularity especially for those people who are living in Northern part of United States. Majority of the automaker might have realized that majority of the car shopper enjoy air conditioned seats. Lots of car brands are having air conditioned seats such as Audi, Bentley, Cadillac, Acura, Chevy, GMC, Infiniti, Hyundai and Maserati. Inside each car seat, there is cooling units are available. When vehicle send signal to cooling unit, it can start to generate cold temperature which could be given off to air around it. Different kinds of the vehicles are using slightly different process to make ventilated seats.


Cooling seatCooling seat can use cooling element between fans which can make maximize in airflow work better. If you are looking to save your money then you can select ventilated seats because it is providing fantastic numbers of the advantages. This kind of the seat can perform opposite task of the heated seat and it is offering three levels of the cooling. Having ventilated seat can allow you to heat your seat in winter season. If you are a car owner then you can take advantage on ventilated seats.